150 Powerful & Positive Faith Affirmations for You

faith affirmations

These faith affirmations will help you to keep the belief when it seems like there’s none to have. Use these affirmations for faith to keep your mind strong, and your faith grounded.

faith affirmations

There are times in our lives when things don’t seem to go our way. We face so many obstacles as we try to achieve our goals, and because of that our efforts start to feel useless. In such situations, do we just give up?

Heck, no!

We have made it this far and it’s too late to give up.

Instead, it’s time to trust that things will fall into place. Look at the lives of people like Steve Jobs, and Bill Gates. They found their way even when everything in their life seemed hopeless, and this is because they had faith.  

These faith affirmations will give you what you need to stay grounded and steady, and to be able to focus on what’s important.

‘Faith’ can mean faith in the religious sense, but it can also mean a strong belief in the process. Take these faith affirmations in whichever way suits you, and learn to use them in your day to day to keep the faith for you.

Positive faith affirmations

There are times when the best gift you can give to yourself is faith. Just surrender to this feeling, and trust that everything will work out. Your life is not meaningless! You came into this world for a reason and you will achieve amazing things! 

All you have to do is have faith.

We also know that this is easier said than done, which is why we have prepared a long list of affirmations that’ll help you practice faith and enjoy a calm, and peaceful life. Say goodbye to all that stress and anxiety and just practice these affirmations daily.

If you need to know more about how to use affirmations, just click here.

Top Faith Affirmations

If you’re looking for some assertive affirmations for faith, then these 150 faith affirmations will help you.

affirmations for faith

Affirmations for faith

1. I start this day fuelled with faith and love. 

2. I know that I’m divinely loved and supported. 

3. Everything in my life is going in the perfect direction. 

4. This life is a gift and I cherish it immensely. 

5. I welcome infinite love and faith in my life. 

6. I embrace the hope and positivity that comes with faith. 

7. Tranquility washes over me. 

8. I release all the doubt pent up inside of me. 

9. I replace all sorts of insecurities with love and faith. 

10. My faith allows me to grow into a better version of myself. 

11. My confidence in myself increases. 

Daily affirmations for faith

12. I am smashing all my worldly goals and I glow with peace and serenity. 

13. I radiate with positive energy. 

14. People want to be around me. 

15. I am deeply loved and respected. 

16. Faith helps me see the light in dark times. 

17. It’s the light at the end of the tunnel. 

18. It helps me overcome all types of obstacles. 

19. I know that everything is happening for a reason. 

20. I have faith in the divine process. 

21. I am not afraid of failure. 

faith affirmations

Top faith affirmations

22. I know that I’ll find my way. 

23. I am walking on the divine path. 

24. I am calm even when things don’t go my way. 

25. I know that good thing will eventually come to me. 

26. My choices are aligned with divine energies. 

27. Nothing can stop me from achieving my dreams. 

28. I have faith in myself. 

29. My faith empowers me every single day. 

30. I am connected to a divine source. 

Affirmations of faith

31. My faith allows me to attract unexpected miracles. 

32. I trust that the universe will send the right things at the right time. 

33. My life is filled with abundance and prosperity

34. I am grateful for every single blessing in my life. 

35. With every breath, I strengthen my faith. 

36. I inhale trust and release all anxieties. 

37. I feel grounded in the present moment. 

38. I am ready to let go of the burden of the past. 

39. The present moment is anchored with unwavering faith. 

40. My faith is greater than all negative feelings. 

41. My life is now grounded in hope and positivity. 

42. I feel safe and content. 

43. I am exactly where I need to be. 

More affirmations of faith

44. My inner self has released all worries.

45. I am brave enough to let go of my fears. 

46. I know that I am unconditionally loved by a higher power. 

47. I am ready to receive all goodness. 

48. I allow myself to believe in the power of the divine. 

49. I release all resistance and surrender into the will of the Divine. 

50. I trust my intuition because it’s grounded in faith. 

51. I am held by the loving energies of the universe. 

52. I know that the universe has my back.  

53. All my needs are fulfilled. 

54. More good things are coming my way. 

55. I release all resistance and allow myself to believe in the law of attraction.

faith affirmations

Positive spiritual affirmations

56. I have faith that my efforts will turn into something beautiful. 

57. My positivity will not be wasted. 

58. I direct my inner self in a positive direction. 

59. Faith means everything to me. 

60. I trust that the universe will reveal its beautiful plan for me.

61. Everything will work out for my highest good. 

62. I will be satisfied. 

63. I know that after every hardship there is ease.

64. Bad times pass by and good things will come to me. 

65. I allow myself to grow more trusted. 

66. What’s mine will reach me.

67. No one can steal my dreams from me. 

68. Even when others around me are negative, I fuel myself with positivity. 

69. I choose to walk on the path of faith and light. 

70. I will not let other people’s doubts and insecurities affect me. 

71. I know that things will work out. 

72. Faith flows to me naturally and it’s an integral part of me.

Positive spiritual affirmations

73. I surrender all worries. 

74. I know that my inner self is being guided by Divine wisdom. 

75. All is well in my books. 

76. My faith will allow me to grow successful. 

77. My faith will propel me in the right direction. 

78. I will listen to the divine guidance that comes to me.

79. There will be times when I’ll make mistakes but I’ll rise back up.

80. My mistakes do not define me. 

81. I will rebuild my faith every time it wavers.

82. I do not give up easily.

83. My faith will eternally dictate my lifestyle. 

84. I am whole and healed. 

85. Divine Power is making impossible things possible for me. 

86. My faith is increasing with each breath I take.

87. I feel enlightened with eternal faith.

88. I have been blessed with the power to create positive change.

89. My faith allows me to achieve enormous things.

90. I can move mountains with my faith.

91. I do my best and then leave the rest on the Divine. 

92. I know that I will see amazing results. 

93. My life has a unique purpose. 

94. Faith allows me to practice self-love

95. My attitude is centered in faith. 

96. I do everything with the best of intentions. 

97. I am not worried about the results. 

98. My faith allows me to rise above all fears. 

99. I have my life planned perfectly. 

affirmations faith

Affirmations spiritual!

100. I have faith that I’ll reach my goals. 

101. I believe in myself and in my talents. 

102. I have all the tools I need to fulfill my goals. 

103. My faith is the center of all my decisions and it’s the secret to my success.

104. My faith is a peaceful resting place. 

105. I gravitate towards faith automatically. 

106. Peace and gratitude flow to me at all times. 

107. I am led by my faith and not by my sight. 

108. I know that my faith will help me deal with all difficult situations. 

109. My faith will not let me down. 

110. I regret all the times I have not trusted the Divine. 

111. I forgive myself for my past mistakes and promise to have faith in the future. 

112. I actively pray for my future. 

113. I am actively attracting the best for myself. 

114. All my thoughts and actions are eventually leading me to strong faith. 

115. The only languages I know are faith and love.

116. I instill faith in myself and spread it to the people around me. 

117. People admire the peace I have because of faith. 

118. Other people are inspired by my spiritual journey. 

119. I am a source of light for other people. 

120. My faith allows me to have a heavenly home. 

121. I have access to divine energies. 

122. I honor these divine energies and hold them sacred. 

123. These energies allow me to feel safe and secure. 

124. Problems don’t affect me the way they affect other people. 

125. I see Godly wisdom in everything around me. 

126. I know that I was created by Divine Energy, which is why I deserve the best. 

Best spiritual affirmations

127. I am complete and worthy. 

128. I deserve to heal from the pain of the past. 

129. The calmness and healing energy spreads throughout my body. 

130. I seek happiness through my faith. 

131. Material possessions do not matter to me. 

132. I have a greater purpose in life. 

133. My soul is becoming pure with the light of faith. 

134. I am in complete control of my journey in faith. 

135. I am growing more and more spiritual. 

136. I give more and I receive more. 

137. My faith has made me more generous. 

138. My faith allows me to love people without discrimination. 

139. I know that everyone is worthy of love. 

140. We are all part of something wonderful. 

faith affirmations

Every day faith affirmations

141. We all have a wonderful journey ahead of us. 

142. I am ready to fulfill my amazing destiny. 

143. The whole world is within my reach. 

144. I am ready for greatness. 

145. I rejuvenate myself with positive energy. 

146. I am effortlessly attracting abundance. 

147. The whole world is conspiring for my success. 

148. My life is slowly but surely falling into place. 

149. I feel peaceful inside. 

150. I am immensely grateful for this faith. 

Affirmations for faith

There you have it, a long list of faith affirmations that will help you ground your inner self with faith. Make sure to bookmark this page so that you can practice these affirmations for faith daily, and increase your belief in yourself and the world.

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