145 Powerful Affirmations for Beauty for 2022

how to do beauty affirmations

Are you looking for the best affirmations for beauty to help boost your radiance and magnetism? These beauty affirmations will help you feel more confident and assured, to ensure your natural beauty shines through…

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Let’s boost your self-confidence to help you trust in your beauty, shall we?

Affirmations are positive statements that we can use to reprogram our subconscious mind and its belief systems. We often have negative thoughts about ourselves that we gather from the society outside of us, especially when it comes to our own beauty.

Inherently, we are all beautiful beings, but the outer world can be a cruel place sometimes. These thoughts and beliefs that we have gathered over the years can negatively affect not only our mindset but also our body. If we focus on what we consider to be bad in ourselves, we will have more of that low, negative vibration.

Instead, focusing on the feeling of goodness and beauty will help us in ensuring that a harmonious mind and body connection is maintained, which will, in turn, help us attract more positivity into our lives. These powerful affirmations for beauty can really help with this.

These affirmations for beauty are perfect for anyone who:

  • Needs beauty affirmations that work
  • Wants affirmations about beauty to improve their outlook
  • Needs beauty manifestation affirmations to use daily
  • Is looking for powerful beauty affirmations for confidence

If this is you, then keep reading.

How to use these top beauty affirmations

Studies have shown that people who practice self-affirmations enable changes in their neural pathways that decrease stress, increase productivity, and generate an overall increase in wellbeing. Words are more powerful than we often give them credit for. You can find our more about the power of affirmations here.

how to do beauty affirmations

We should try our best to change negative and limiting self-talk into positive ones. This way we can actually reach our highest potential. These beauty affirmations will work even more effectively if we repeat and reinforce them in our minds.

Let’s begin by centering ourselves in the present moment. 

  • Take deep breaths in and exhale them out softly.
  • Relax all your muscles – your shoulders, your jaw, eyebrows, the back of your neck, your arms, right down to your toes.
  • Close your eyes whenever you feel ready and repeat these affirmations out loud, or in your head, whatever feels more comfortable to you in this moment.
  • Breathe in, breathe out and let a wave of peaceful relaxation pass through your entire body. Become receptive to what is about to come. Surrender to the Universe around you and its mechanisms.
  • Allow your body to be in a restful state. This is your own time. You are safe and secure right now.

There are no responsibilities to fulfil right in this moment, no calls to take, no deadlines to meet. In this moment, you have gathered here to talk to yourself, to remind yourself the absolute truth that you are a compassionate soul full of beauty, intelligence and kindness. Allow yourself to be completely in this moment and feel each and every sentence resonate within you as you speak them. Let us start the affirmations by thanking ourselves for being who we are.

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The affirmations for beauty, listed

1. I am so grateful to be who I am.

2. I am a part of the vast and powerful Universe.

3. The creative energy of the Universe flows through me and is mine to tap into whenever I want to.

4. I allow the energy within me to radiate into everything I say and do.

5. I allow myself to feel the beauty around me, and in me.

6. I give myself the permission to feel beautiful and express this beauty.

7. I am grateful for my body and its miraculous existence.

8. I am beautiful and miraculous just the way I am.

9. I have a gorgeous smile that lights up everyone around me.

10. I am beauty.

11. I possess gracefulness and style.

12. I do what I love and love what I do.

13. I love and approve of myself.

14. I feel good about the way I look.

15. I love what I see in the mirror daily.

16. I walk out into the world every day with positivity and excitement.

17. I am so proud of all that I have achieved and all that I overcame.

18. I have utmost trust in my soul.

19. My soul is guiding me towards my highest good.

20. I have a harmonious mind, body and soul connection.

21. I respect my body for all that it does for me.

22. My body is my friend.

23. All the cells in my body are full of divine intelligence and I choose to listen and trust them every day.

24. I hereby release all my limiting beliefs and self-doubt.

25. I acknowledge the powerful being that I am and I allow this power to ooze out of me in beautiful ways.

26. I value my thoughts, ideas and emotions.

27. I have faith in my creative abilities.

28. I have faith in my beauty.

29. I know I am beautiful.

30. I know I am surrounded by amazing people who are always supportive of me.

31. I value my energy and choose to spend it with people who respect it.

32. I take my time and space whenever I feel the need to renew my energy level.

33. I do not hesitate in taking my time away from toxic environments.

34. I always surround myself with people and things that make me appreciate the beauty of life.

35. I am confident, intelligent and intuitive.

36. I am full of life, and I choose life over fear.

37. Courage is so very natural to me.

38. I move through the day with the deep feeling of courage and abundance.

39. The more abundant I feel, the more beautiful I feel.

40. Each day the love I have for myself grows.

41. The more I love myself, the more radiant my beauty becomes.

42. I am beautiful and I am enough.

43. I am secure and safe.

44. I have whatever I need within me.

45. I am fulfilled.

46. I honour the abundance within and around me.

47. I honour the beauty passed down to me from my ancestors.

48. I honour the life I have been gifted.

49. I treat the precious gift of my body with respect.

50. I listen to my body and provide it with nourishment and sunshine.

Read on for more affirmations for beauty

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51. I nourish my body with healthy food and movement.

52. I honour the body that will be my home in this lifetime.

53. I honour the life I have and choose to live it with intention and compassion.

54. My physical self is a gift.

55. I love my face, my skin, and my hair.

56. I love myself in its entirety.

57. I acknowledge my beauty and so does the world.

58. I am full of divine light and I radiate with it.

59. Whenever someone meets me, they come in contact with my higher self.

60. My higher self is always with me.

61. I am protected.

62. It is safe for me to exude beauty and confidence wherever I go.

63. I look beautiful in whatever I wear, and wherever I am.

64. My skin is glowing and supple.

65. My skin is youthful and healthy.

66. My hair is luscious and healthy.

67. I am healthy. My body is healthy and in its ideal weight.

68. I have great posture and I love my figure.

69. My body is breathtakingly gorgeous.

70. I am at peace and content with the authentic me.

71. I have perfect symmetry within me.

72. My complexion is flawless.

73. My eyes are bright, beautiful and full of love.

74. Every feature on my face is perfect exactly the way it is.

75. My smile is captivating and contagious.

76. Being beautiful comes naturally to me.

77. I healed, restored and revitalized.

78. I approach the world with curiosity and enthusiasm.

79. I exude confidence in all circumstances.

80. I handle every situation with grace and intelligence.

81. I respond to the world with poise and elegance.

82. I value all my experiences and I am always open to more.

83. I let go of my past with forgiveness and kindness.

84. I live in the present, mindfully.

85. I look forward to my future with hope.

86. I am proud of myself.

87. I am unique and I value all the traits in me that make me different.

88. I attract love, beauty and prosperity.

89. I respect myself and others around me.

90. I enjoy getting up and getting dressed every day.

91. I take pride in my appearance.

92. I take pride in the growth in me.

93. I allow myself the scope for growth and change.

94. I am ready to allow change into my life, for change is the sign of life.

95. I am so grateful for all that the Universe constantly provides me with.

96. I release all the thoughts and habits that do not serve me.

97. My mind is clear of self-doubt.

98. I always aim for authenticity and goodness.

99. I always aim for my highest good.

100. I deserve to enjoy every single moment of my amazing life.

101. I deserve to feel beautiful.

102. I am worthy of love and respect.

103. I am worthy of receiving the goodness of the Universe.

104. I am worthy of happiness and contentment.

105. I deserve success and joy.

106. I know for a fact that this world is my oyster.

107. I know that my mind shall work with my body to achieve my soul’s deepest desires.

108. I am worthy of my desires.

109. My desires are in alignment with the best version of myself.

110. The confidence I exude comes from within me and is authentic to who I am and how I feel.

Beauty and affirmations

111. My confidence inspires others to embrace themselves.

112. I bring joy and value in the people around me.

113. It is my natural state to be loving, kind and beautiful.

114. My mind is focused on becoming the best version of myself.

115. I release all worries about imperfections.

116. I release all worries about the expectations of other people that do not serve my highest good.

117. I accept my existence with love and gratefulness.

118. I honour my life.

119. I deserve to live this life in its full potential.

120. I give myself the care and attention I deserve.

121. I love taking care of myself.

122. I always dress for myself, and my clothes suit my personality.

123. My personality is vibrant and hopeful.

124. Everyday my inner beauty shines through me.

125. I am blessed with beauty inside and out.

126. I appreciate myself and my life.

127. I am sparkling light and energy.

128. I am filled with the cosmic beauty of the Universe.

129. I am healthy and strong.

130. I am beaming with heavenly light.

131. My inner light shines through me and adds to my physical beauty.

132. I am more than enough just the way I am right now.

133. I am always my genuine self.

134. I have trust in myself and the divine timing.

135. I have faith in this Universe and in my mind, body and soul connection.

136. Today I allow myself the freedom that comes from the feeling of being boundless.

137. I acknowledge my limitless and compassionate self. I acknowledge my true beauty and potential.

138. I acknowledge my inner loving self.

139. I am grateful for my love for myself.

140. I am grateful for being me.

141. I am grateful for this human experience.

142. I honour this experience every day.

143. Today, I acknowledge my immense love for all things beautiful.

144. Today I feel beautiful.

145. Every day I feel beautiful and every day, I am beautiful.

Best affirmations for beauty

Once you’ve gone through these affirmations for beauty, just stay still for a while.

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Sit for a few moments in silence and allow the increased frequency within you to sustain itself after these affirmations. Carry this feeling with you throughout the day and help yourself to these affirmations again whenever you feel the need for a mild boost.

Remember to have the utmost faith in the capacity of your mind to bring changes in your perspective, your body, as well as the reality outside of you. Everything outside of us is but a mere extension of ourselves. Living mindfully and with intention allows us to change the reality solely with thoughts.

Be aligned, mentally, to what you want to manifest into reality and it shall happen.

Do beauty affirmations work?

I hope these powerful affirmations for beauty help you to see the beauty inside yourself, and to feel it as you radiate it outwards. If you’re feeling doubtful, practice these beauty affirmations in the mirror every day for 30 days, and see how you feel. I can guarantee you’ll feel stronger and more positive about how you look.

These beauty manifestation affirmations will make you feel better.

You ARE beautiful!