About My Powerful Affirmations

Hello, I’m Victoria! 

I genuinely believe powerful affirmations can change your life. 

Lifestyle design is something I’ve been interested in for a long time. I think the first seedling grew when I read the Four Hour Workweek book, my Tim Ferris, around 2012. To be told I didn’t need to doing that hour long commute across London, and there was another way of living was pretty mindblowing. 

In short, over the next few years, it was the catalyst that changed my life. 

But then life got crazy again, thanks to my interest in almost everything, and my zest for making it happen. 

But then, COVID stopped life as I knew it. 

Over the last few years I fell into this journey of gratitude, consciousness and connection. I met a great group of women locally and learnt from their actions and positivity. They joy they spread through yoga, paddleboarding, sound baths and preaching daily gratitude affected me deeply, and I wanted to do the same. 

Sharing online is my thing – I’ve been doing it for years. I wanted to create My Positive Affirmations to help enforce the positivity in your life, and to help you see my favourite yoga mantra. 

“You have everything you need inside of you”

This is the phrase I always come back to. 

I know people are struggling, they were before our worlds turned upside down, but even more so given the last two years we’ve had to deal with.

Mental health problems are on the rise, and they’re just the ones being reported. Anxiety, fear, health and safety are all in question, every day. Our self confidence and self esteem has been battered thanks to being indoors and not socialising. 

My intention with My Positive Affirmations is to promote a healthy attitude to life, and to encourage you to overcome the mental mind blocks that are stopping you living the life you want. 

  • HEALTH: Looking after your overall health has never been more important, and it starts with positivity. 
  • WORK: Many stresses and strains of modern life begin in the office. Iron these out and the rest of the day will follow.
  • RELATIONSHIPS: Friends, co workers, lovers – relationships can be hard. Read my relationships affirmations to help you navigate any difficulties. 
  • FERTILITY: There’s a stage where our fertility becomes the top topic of conversation, all of a sudden. Or at least, our friends’. 
  • SPIRITUAL: Whether you believe in ‘something’ or not, our bodies need spiritial nourishment as much as mental and physical. 
  • MINDSET: Powerful affirmations are all about having the right mindset to manifest them to start with, and then to carry them out.

Live your life intentionally.

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